John Fox and Da Bears


I’m a huge Chicago Bears fan. While I understand there’s only one Savior, Jesus Christ, still I’m excited about the possibilities afforded my team with the hiring of a new head coach. Especially THIS head coach.

True, historically the Bears haven’t responded all that favorably the first season after a coaching change. But outside of George Halas, the franchise has never hired a winning head coach.

Again, it’s only a game. But it’s my favorite game and my favorite team.

So here’s a little something for all you folks like me. It expresses my thoughts, hopes, and dreams for my favorites – John Fox and Da Bears.

An Ode to John Fox and Da Bears

Chicago has a team called Da Bears
Whose record was lousy this year
So they hired this man Fox
To teach to tackle and block
And make Cutler get his rear in gear!

Now there are some who just may doubt
That da Bears can climb their way out
Of playing so badly
But I’ll say this quite gladly
John Fox knows what winning’s about.

The Fox will soon pin back his ears
And focus on rebuilding Da Bears
Spring camp will be tough
But you’ll see, soon enough
The Midway Monsters returning next year.

Don’t think of me as a dumb jerk
Or a fanatic who’s done gone berserk
I call it like it is
Mister Fox is a whiz
His game plans are all gonna work.

So the Super Bowl is now in view
Though the believers may be few
Fox will wake up Da Bears
And with his best team in years
Take the Lombardi; it is long overdo.

Jan Grace
Bears Fan

Now some may criticize me for acting in such a carnal way. After all, football is worldly and violent. So, if this post offends you, I’m sorry.

May I leave each of you with one question?

Here it is:

If Jesus had been born into our world, here in 2015, do you think he would have played high school sports?

I’ll let you know what I think in a few days.

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