Process of Change


God never changes.

He does, however, have a process He uses in order to bring about change in us.

And sometimes we go through changes in order to learn God’s direction for our life.

So it is with my wife and I.

We’ve walked with the Lord for a number of years; thirty-nine to be more precise. We’ve lived in Texas, Germany, Washington, and Iowa. We’ve worked in churches in such ways as ushering, helping in Sunday School, and teaching people of all ages.

There have been cleansing periods: when we cleaned the church building, and when God has cleansed our hearts and minds.

We recently have come to realize another season of change is upon us. A new focus, a new calling, a new area of responsibility. A change God has been preparing us for. A change to new paths with Him, new enemies to battle, and new people for us to present the gospel of freedom to.

The Lord is calling my wife and I to minister a message of warning and hope to couples, ministers, and people in general. Sharing His perfect, unchanging Word, along with our not-so-perfect, ever-changing life testimony, we passionately desire to introduce people to the greatest power God can give: Hope.

Finishing Well. A message that describes the dirty and subtle schemes of the enemy, the power of Jesus’ testing and subsequent testimony, and how to restore people who’ve been beaten and bruised by the devil to the place of victory and effectiveness in Christ.

Will you please pray for us?

Pray for:

1. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s voice
2. Grace to minister effectively, in spite of opposition
3. Open doors; whether churches, bible study groups, men’s conferences
4. Complete freedom to speak as we should
5. Receptive hearts and changed lives

God is continually changing us, as He ever strives to bring us into the image of His Son. This new assignment is only part of the process of change.

God doesn’t change; but I’m glad He has a process of change – for us.

“I am the Lord , and I do not change…” (Malachi 3:6 NLT)

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