Lessons From The Tower Of Babel


Hellish situations can yield Heavenly insights

1) Unity, solely for the sake of unity, is not necessarily good.
When man joins together to disobey, or ignore God and exalt man, it is disastrous
God’s anointing flows when brethren dwell in unity, submitted to God

2) One language, one speech, might possibly be the wrong words
The majority isn’t always right; in fact, they seldom are
Listen carefully to what’s really being said. Don’t just agree automatically

3) God is more interested in diversity than man is
God created variety, and walked among it saying, “this is good”
Man worked together until they had variety. They gave up.

4) All the universe is full of God’s Glory when diversity points to One
Order is necessary with diversity
God alone is the Author and Sustainer of true order

5) Though the whole world may agree with you, disobeying God results in confusion
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, of life
The wicked flee when no one pursues…

6) The Lord says to spread out, replenish, give. The world says the opposite
The tower builders didn’t trust beyond what they could see. Stay here, they said
Fear limits your possibilities, keeps you from discovering a whole new world

7) The builders, movers, and shakers in Shinar had only temporary influence
Don’t believe you have to compromise your belief to get ahead
Honor the Lord with what you have, what you get, what you do, and who you are

8) Make certain the “name” you make for yourself will withstand God’s scrutiny
Everything we build will be inspected
A good name is to be chosen, rather than riches

9) United we stand, divided we fall. United in rebellion guarantees we fall
Be confident in this, sin is always discovered. Somehow, someway
Determine what God thinks about something, and unite with His cause

10) Anything man builds can be divided by God. What God builds is indivisible
Man builds by taking a part of this and a part of that
God is the glue that holds things together. Including this world

11) A three-fold cord is not quickly broken
Two are better than one, unless there is strife and contention between the two
Three has to become one for there to be strength. Each gives its all to the others

12) Unity without God is short lived, at best
You may last your lifetime, building teams without God
What will you have left the day after you die

13) The Lord can restore unity out of confusion and chaos, and still celebrate diversity
The Universe declares the Glory of God, the Diverse Universe
The Garden of Eden, unity and diversity

14) Those who speak the same thing can accomplish the same thing
God said, “Let US make an in our image…”
If two of you agree as touching anything on earth…

15) Scattered throughout the earth wasn’t punishment. It was accomplishing God’s will
God has an order even in the various ways to plant different kinds of seeds
At times, God has to stop our dead end projects to move us to our destiny

The Tower of Babel began under the dark designs of man’s adversary, the devil. Scheming against God’s instructions, the devil’s influence was aimed at having man destroyed again by God. Why? To try and keep THE PROMISE of Genesis 3:15 from coming to pass.

But God sees through every scheme, every plot, everything designed against His plans and purposes. And He has an answer for anything the devil attempts to concoct!

So don’t be discouraged if something comes your way you didn’t plan for. And don’t be upset if your “building construction” is halted. God’s not stupid, blind, or away on more important business. Rather look around, He’s probably standing right beside you.

Learn the lessons from the tower of Babel – and you’ll find yourself grateful to God for His continued faithfulness.

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