They’re Coming Home

imageDo you ever get mad at people who:

Waste your time
Make you late
Dump on you
Ignore you
Embarrass you
Manipulate you
Steal from you
Are undependable
Lie about you
Leave you for someone your opposite

Well, do you? Do you get angry, or is yours a righteous indignation?

Would YOUR treatment of a brother or sister have anything to do with why they left home?

How do you feel when a close friend or family member treats you like any one of those things listed? Do you lose your cool? Do you give them a piece of your mind, or the whole thing?

Do you offend easily?

How long do you hold a grudge? How many grudges can you hang on to? Seventy times seven?

Do the “prodigals” (your classification) you know ever have a chance of reconnecting with you and your work? If so, what test do you have them take to show you they’ve truly repented?

Can YOU pass your own test?

Do you love people because they do exactly what you expect, or do you tolerate others giving and doing less than what you expect from yourself?

When someone turns their back on you and your beliefs, do you wait for them to return? How long do you keep their room like they left it?

Do you EXPECT them to come back home? Why would they want to?

Maybe you are hoping Father will let YOU have what your brother or sister left behind.

I am SO glad Jesus told us how the Father God is. He’s forever watching, waiting, and interceding for each person who steps away from the kingdom. He EVER LIVES to make intercession for us all; whether we’re a prodigal or the perfect saint.

The Lord would have us:
Watch with Him for the returning prodigals

Greet those returning from their self-imposed exile as if their slate is clean

Help keep the roadsigns pointing back to home in plain view. Make sure no weeds are allowed to grow and block the view of the sign.

Keep your heart filled with everything necessary to aid a weary traveler.

Don’t expect perfection from the returning prodigal. It’s not a prerequisite for forgiveness.

Keep your eyes on your Father’s eyes. That way you’ll be able to tell when someone’s getting close.

Practice love. Practice makes perfect. Perfect love casts out fear.
Fear yields to God’s faithfulness.

The Love of God shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit helps bridge the gap between Father and the wayward son or daughter.

Don’t let the Angels in Heaven praise God more than you do.

And make sure you keep the car gassed up in case Father God sends you on a journey; the journey of reconciliation.

Remember, Father is stirring up and shaking everything shakeable. This includes those deemed “prodigal”. Keep your focus, your faith, and your friendly, faith inspiring demeanor. You’ll be used by the Ruler of the Universe to help move a brother or sister back home.

And, just maybe, there may be something you need to do or say before anyone would ever consider coming back home.


I believe the Lord spoke this to my heart:

“As the Lord worked many signs and wonders in Egypt before they released their captives, so shall the Lord dominate the prodigal’s captor; the one who enticed and enslaved your brothers and sisters from the far country.

“And as the Lord caused the return of the remnant from Babylon during Ezra and Nehemiah’s day, so shall the kingdom receive a great multitude returning from land of wasteful living.

“They shall return. Watch for them. Be part of the restoration process.

“The rewards shall be great.”

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