Real Man or Big Boy?


No man ever beats a woman.

There have been plenty of males who have, but no men.

A number of boys have flexed their muscles and busted a woman’s face, but it has never been a man.

Men, real men, don’t have to prove how strong they are by breaking a woman’s arm, or knocking their teeth out.

A real man is disciplined, able to control his temper. He knows when to back away from a heated argument, if the argument cannot be diffused.

Real men aren’t afraid to say, “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” And mean it.

A man will show his strength by yielding to others; for he doesn’t have to be right all the time.

Nor does he always have to have his way.

You will never find a man overpowering a woman in order to satisfy his sexual desires. Cravings do not control a man. Men control their desires.

Yes, it’s true: males have been guilty of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other things that have created nightmarish lives for many women.

But a man knows how to love, how to be tender, how to protect, and how to provide.

And a real man isn’t afraid to cry, to express his fears, or to say, “I don’t know”, and, “I need help.”

Mister Macho Male: show your strength by controlling your temper.

Impress those around you by honoring and protecting your wife and children. Show your young sons how a real man is supposed to live, and how a man treats a lady.

Anyone can flex their muscles and fly off the handle with temper tantrums. But a MAN lets his body only do what HE wants it to do.

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