Heaven is the WORST PLACE to be…


Here are 40 reasons why you may not be comfortable in Heaven. It is the worst place to be if…

…you’re an atheist.
…you’re selfish.
…you don’t like to talk about religious things.
…you can’t stand to be around Christians.
…you’d prefer to live forever in total, absolute darkness.
…you’re really into grinding and gnashing your teeth.
…you absolutely love the smell of sulfur.
…the cross of Christ offends you.
…the greatest, most important thing in your life is to get smashing drunk.
…you’d rather see how many different sex partners you can have in a lifetime.
…you’re afraid of light.
…you’re smarter than everyone who believes that bible junk.
…you can’t possibly see why you’d need a savior.
…the Ten Commandments drive you up the wall.
…you’re much more comfortable listening to lies than truth.
…the idea of holiness seems too constraining.
…you hate true love.
…you believe the universe revolves around you.
…no one has ever been able to teach you a bloody thing.
…you’re too strong to know how weak you really are.
…you can’t tolerate indescribable beauty.
…you can’t accept help from anyone.
…you really believe you’re God.
…you can’t live without your toys.
…you’re convinced there’s neither a Heaven or a Hell.
…you just have to get stoned to have a great time.
…eternal life sounds like a real drag.
…worship and praise isn’t your thing.
…the glory of God makes you run and hide.
…you’ve outgrown all those silly bible stories you heard as a kid.
…scarred hands and feet make you sick to your stomach.
…you can’t handle someone judging you.
…you get mad when you’re told to obey a law.
…you’d prefer to always have center stage.
…you’ve always paid your own way.
…you believe you’re beyond help.
…you’ve rejected every invitation God has sent you.
…hope and faith are foreign to you.
…the unconditional love of God makes you angry.
…you’d rather be in hell.

Fortunately for you, if you believe Heaven is such a horrible place, you don’t have to be concerned. No one is forced to go there against their will.

And, if you’d rather not have anyone telling you what to do, you needn’t be bothered with that, either. You’ll only be commanded to do something one time. Just one time.

However, if you’re really interested in learning the truth about Heaven and how you can spend eternity there, please ask. Let’s dialogue about God’s eternal plan for you and I.

It just may brighten your future.

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