American Idols (excerpt)


American Idols. Everywhere.

The American Idols I’m referring to aren’t the short, fat Buddha statues sometimes seen in Chinese restaurants. No, the ones I’m speaking of are the objects or ideas we allow to take the place in our lives that should be reserved for God. Things and thoughts we religiously follow and pay homage to; stuff we believe we can’t live without.

It’s not that we don’t believe in God. Oh, no. But when other things and ideas become more important, and God is assigned a lesser role in our lives, idolatry is on the loose.

Many people believe God is too old-fashioned to be relevant in today’s world. Others want nothing to do with him because they are convinced he hates fun.

People have an innate desire to know and worship THE Creator God; the ONE TRUE GOD. It is part of our DNA; it’s who we are. But because of man’s spiritual state, which is the result of Adam’s fall, man characteristically tries to maneuver around God Almighty, and still satisfy his desire to know and worship something. So things, positions, and even people are idolized and enthroned as “god” in their hearts and lives. However, the Creator God must have first place in our lives, or he has NO place.

American Idols. Luring, demanding, yet never able to bring freedom like the One they attempt to replace.

This eBook is available at Amazon Kindle for $3.99. Follow this link to learn more about American Idols.

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