Everyone Believes Something

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Faith is an interesting thing.

Everyone has it, though not everyone realizes it. But everyone lives by that which they believe.

It’s easier to see it in others than in one’s own life.

A person’s faith will grow or shrink; but they’ll always have faith. It may become “NO FAITH”, but it will never be “GONE FAITH”. What do I mean? “NO FAITH” is still something that influences the way we think, speak, and act.

God has given each person a measure of faith (Romans 12:3). Faith, the ability to believe, is an element of the human experience. It’s part of our life. We can’t help but believe something about anything.

Faith in God, or faith in God’s power and ability, grows just like faith in people, faith in airplanes, chairs, or garbage cans. If you’ve ever sat on a chair and it broke under your weight, you’ll think twice about putting faith in a chair. Faith grows through either positive experiences and/or from hearing the word of someone who’s never lied to you or stolen from you. Someone who has always treated you right is someone you’ll learn to trust; someone you’ll believe.

That’s how faith in God grows. By hearing his word and responding obediently to what he says.

There’s one other way faith grows, and that’s by hearing, or reading, what God has done for someone else. It works the same way in the negative sense. “Testimonies” of people treating others terribly will tend to affect the way you interact with the “terrible” ones.

We’re simply wired to believe. It’s part of who we are, which greatly determines what kind of life we’ll live. Do YOU want your faith in God to grow? Do YOU want to live the kind of life God has designed for you? With God all things are possible.

Are you interested in reading testimonies and teachings that will help your “believer” grow in faith in God? If so, please check out these three eBooks available through Amazon Kindle.com.

“Breaking the Spirit of Poverty”, “Generosity”, and “How to get the most out of your Pastor”. http://tinyurl.com/nhhzozt

God has given faith to each one of us. What we do with it is our choice.

Let’s choose wisely.

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