Chuck E. Cheese, Skeeball and Fisticuffs


I just finished reading a bunch of news reports of recent riots and brawls taking place at a national restaurant chain near you. All over the country people are going nuts and breaking out the fisticuffs between bites of pizza and games of Skeeball. In Florida, there were more people involved in one single fight than attended my wife and I’s wedding back in 1972. Not to be misleading, there were 11 who attended our wedding counting my wife and I.

Eighteen adults acted worse than a thousand toddlers at the Chuck E. Cheese in Boynton Beach, Florida. The brawl started when two men started arguing in the restroom. I’m not sure what the argument was about; maybe they both wanted to use the same urinal and couldn’t decide who got there first. Shortly, as they were arguing in the dining room, it escalated to face punching, at which time sixteen others joined in.

Hey, if you’re going to rumble you might as well make it a doozy. Might as well let the children know how tough you really are. And you might as well fight where you can grab a slice of pizza between punches.

Maybe they were training to play hockey.

The mother of the birthday child was arrested for possession of illegal drugs and marijuana.

At Chuck E. Cheese!

Apparently Mr. Cheese couldn’t be reached for comment. But I find it beyond amazing that people can become so short tempered, short fused, and ready to fight at the drop of a hat. In fact, they don’t even need a hat.

But really, why should it surprise me at all? How come I’m amazed?

People are going nuts; out of control.

Ever attend little league baseball, soccer, or football games? Do you ever listen to some of the parents? Are YOU one of THOSE kind of parents?

Like I said, out of control. Yet the very ones who can’t keep their hands, or mouth, to themselves are the very ones who will say they don’t need any help. Really?

Maybe the government could appoint a task force to determine what should be done with the Chuck E. Cheese family entertainment center. I would suggest Iowa’s own Chuck Grassley as the task force chairman. After all, his name sounds similar to the restaurant’s name.

I must admit, their registered trademarks are awesome, even if they have a different meaning to the public than to the company executives.

“The best place for family fun.”

“Where a kid can be a kid.”

And my favorite, “Where awesome parents go.”

Chuck E. Cheese. A place to go to have a brawl, er, uh, I mean, ball.

And people still have the audacity to say they don’t need a savior. But it’s a well documented fact: when revival of religion (or a new awareness of God’s holiness and righteous standards) prevails in a society, or a community, people begin to behave better, kinder. They begin to treat one another with dignity, honor, and respect.

Mr. Cheese, maybe you should post the Ten Commandments some place in each of your stores; or, at least, post a few warring angels to help keep the peace.

And call upon Gideon’s International to come and hand out pocket New Testaments. You know, the kind they give to people heading off to war.

Crazy, man, crazy.

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