Let’s Resurrect Chivalry


Chivalry. Who uses the word these days?

Chivalry. An honorable and polite way of behaving, especially toward women.

Chivalry. Is it something women want from any man, their man, or no man?

Chivalry. Is it dead? Should it be? Who gets to determine its fate?

What’s wrong with treating women like they’re special? Would it embarrass your wife or girl friend if they were treated as though they were the most delicate and precious person on earth?

I remember reading stories about the brave knights of old. Even while dressed in armor and chain-mail, they treated each lady with dignity and respect. They fought to defend a woman’s honor. They would dismount from their steed just to assist a lady who had dropped her kerchief.

What do “big men” do these days? How “manly” are the young and powerful studs of the twenty first century?

Just how much of a man does it take to coax a young woman into having sex with him? How strong is the man who feels he needs to show his strength by slapping around a woman half his size?

What’s the definition of “man” these days?

Young lady, how could you ever think of yourself as some punk’s property? To be treated as some stud’s conquest. God made you to be more than some perverted soul’s plaything. You were created to be a prince’s lady. A prince; someone who knows the meaning of chivalry.

You are not someone’s inflatable doll to be used up and then thrown back into the closet.

And young man, God designed you to protect your lady! Her reputation, her emotions, and her body. 

Chivalry. I wonder if MTV, Hollywood, or The Young and The Restless ever heard of it?

Chivalry. Would it redefine the modern woman?

Chivalry. Could magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Playboy still survive?

Chivalry. Is anyone interested in it anymore?

I remember hearing stories of men removing their coats and jackets, and laying them on the ground, on top of a mud puddle just to keep a lady from getting her shoes dirty. Now, it seems as though society tries to find ways to throw women into the mud and dirt.

Is it beyond the imagination to dream of a day, of a society, where men act like real men; men who treat women like real ladies? Is it too much to ask?

Well, I can’t control what others think or do, but I can do my part.

Chivalry. It’s one way to show my love and devotion to my lady.

My wife.

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