He Is Risen! Asah!


“He is risen! Asah!”

Maybe my imagination is working overtime, but here’s how I picture the moments just BEFORE Jesus was raised from the dead.

All is dark in the tomb. A legion of demonic forces are guarding the body from within the tomb, and from without.

All Hell is on alert, wringing their hands and staring at the clock. It isn’t that they believed Jesus’ words about rising after three days; they just couldn’t take any chances.

But what could they do to stop him? For the past three and a half years they had been kicked around like an old tin can. Every time he spoke to them, they would find themselves rolling down the street, looking like an old dried up tumbleweed one would see in those old cowboy flicks.

To say they are a bit edgy would be putting it mildly.

True, they had finally turned things their way. They had finally gotten him out of their hair. Now, in just a few more minutes, they could finally get things back to norm…

“HEY! WHERE’D THAT LIGHT COME FROM?!?”, screamed all the demons as they ran for a place to hide.

Suddenly, THE VOICE from Heaven shook the tomb, removed the stone, and declared, “He is risen!”

And then the demons heard the word which sent them reeling for all eternity… the Hebrew word, “asah”.

It opened the eyes of Jesus, and caused resurrection power to surge through his body. It struck terror in the minds of the demonic host, as it does today every time they here someone say, “indeed!”

Come on, say it!

“He is risen!”


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