If I Was To Die Tomorrow


I’m not intending to sound morbid or morose, but I’d like to talk a little about mortality.

Specifically, my mortality. And yours.

No, I’m not sick. I’m not sick of living, either. I have a great life, a wonderful wife, and I’m blessed beyond what I deserve. I love our son and his wife, as well as the rest of my family.

God has redeemed my life from destruction, even though I was hell bent on destroying it as a teenager. He has crowned me with his loving kindness and tender mercies, though I haven’t always responded appropriately.

Sure, there have been tough things to deal with. But that’s life, isn’t it?

All in all, I am one blessed dude.

So why the thoughts about mortality? Because someday my body is going to shut down, expire. I won’t, but my body will.

So what would I do if I knew tomorrow was my last day on earth?

What would you do?

I know of people who preplan, and prepay, for their funeral. They plan the music, the preacher, the pall bearers; the works. But yet they get offended if someone asks them where they plan to spend eternity. I just hope you’re not that way.

So, if you knew tomorrow would be your last day on earth would you wonder, even for just a bit, about the places called Heaven and Hell?

If I found out tomorrow I’d be leaving this life, I believe I’d be the most kind, considerate, and loving person I could be. Not to earn my way into Heaven, or to try and escape Hell. No. I just want to be remembered as someone who loves people. After all, if I don’t love people who I CAN see, how can I love God who I CAN’T see?

I would try and listen more to others. Sure, I need to listen closely to the Holy Spirit, but would you like to know something? The Holy Spirit sometimes speaks through people I don’t really care for. But I’d better get used to it, for I feel Heaven just may have a few people there I wouldn’t have approved of.

It would be wise if I made the most of my time. Sure, I’ve heard time means nothing in Heaven. But I’m not convinced. After all, one of the marks of a mature believer is time management. Oh, you’re not sure? Well, we’re told to be wise, understanding what the will of the Lord is. We’re told to be circumspect, not throwing ourselves at every fad and fancy. Paul said for us to redeem the time, or make the most of it, because our days are full of evil. Jesus said to make sure our heart isn’t overcome with cares, drunkenness, partying, or greed; which means I must pay attention to how I’m using my time. Time management has much to do with how my time is spent. Spent for temporal pursuits entirely? What about the life hereafter? Maybe time isn’t a big deal on the “other side”, but maybe we just can’t understand it. After all, eternity, even in the next life, is a long, long, long time.

If I was just about to run out of opportunities to help prepare others for their inevitable journey, I’d write, preach, visit, dialogue, sing, yell, pester, and get in people’s space just so I could be sure they heard something good, and ultimately life changing! I’d probably be labeled a nut, and a bible-thumping goofball; whatever. People just may thank me, someday. At least they won’t have to curse me.

Tomorrow I may die. Maybe even tonight. I don’t know.

And neither do you.

But what if YOU knew tomorrow was your last day on earth? Would you be ready?

I’ve already confessed Jesus as my Lord, and I believe in my heart God raised Jesus from the dead; so according to the most reliable Authority, I’m prepared.

Are you? Have you? Will you?

It will allow you the extra time to maybe mend a few fences before you say goodbye.

Now since I don’t know for sure just when I’m to leave, I believe it would be good for me to not wait until I know it’s time. So I’ll love like I’m supposed to, I’ll listen to others as if they really are as important to me as I tell them they are. And, I’ll use my allotted time to invest in things that really matter.

Things like people. People like you.

So, what would you do? What have you done?

What are you doing now?

What if tomorrow was YOUR day to say goodbye?

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