Another Day Closer


While many slept, the world moved a step closer to the coming of the Lord.

Even if you don’t believe in the Bible, and can’t stand the people who do; something is happening. Even tonight, something happened.

People who believe the Bible could not make it happen, anymore than people who don’t could stop it from happening. Even unbelief couldn’t stop what happened tonight.

Blood moons? Oh, is that what you think I’m referring to? No. Not entirely, anyway.

I’m talking about the next appearing of my Lord and Savior, Jesus.

Oh, sure. I’m moon watching tonight. After all, it’s not every day, or night, when one can see a moon disappear and turn red at the same time.

Even now, 2:00 a.m., with just barely a sliver of the moon showing, I’m reminded of Jesus’ words: “look up, for your redemption is drawing close.”

Yep. Close.

The moon is beginning to turn now. Cool.

Just another day closer. One of these days it will all be behind us. No more signs in the heavens. No more prophetic words to unravel and decode. No more books to write, or warnings to heed.

One of these days we’ll look at each other and say, “I never in my wildest dreams thought it could be like this!”

And, now, we’re another day closer. Another step closer.

And, yes, another moon turned to blood.

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