Go Into All The World And…Stereotype?


Ever hear the word – “stereotype“? People who use that word always act defensive; about nothing!


Whenever you see someone who’s dressed in dirty, raggedy clothes, hang on tight to your wallet or purse. Bums can’t be trusted.

A person too lazy to shave doesn’t make a good employee. Don’t hire him.

A person of color isn’t as intelligent as the Caucasian. Deep conversations will confuse them.

Men have only two things on their mind. Sex and sex.

Women only have two things on their mind. Marriage and shopping.

A Christian is an idiot. They use their brain less than a Rush Limbaugh ditto head.

All democrats are liberal, and all republicans are Christians. Now you know how to vote.

Young adults prefer Starbucks and Obama over sweet tea and G.W. Bush. They know who to blame.

Texans think they’re better than anyone else in the world. Californians know they’re not.

All West Virginians are hillbillies and chew tobacco. Don’t walk down wind of them.

People who play golf are loaded with money.

Soldiers only want to kill. Marines make terrible marriage partners. Navy Seals are half crazy. No, completely. Army soldiers are the bottom of the barrel. Air Force troops are sloppy. Coast Guard…they’re lost at sea.

A true patriot will own at least one gun; an AR-15. Commie’s don’t think guns are necessary.

Fat people are lazy, selfish, and only think about stuffing their face. Fat people stink.

Preachers are money grabbers and egomaniacs. They don’t know how to actually work for a living. They don’t have to, as long as I pay them.

Tree huggers and Prius drivers only vote for liberals. Same with Subaru owners.

Police officers consume more donuts than those of any other profession. That’s why a donut shop is never robbed.

Postal employees are unsafe employees. They cannot control their anger.

Lawyers, politicians, and used car salesmen are liars. Stay clear of them all.

Immigrants, legal and illegal, only want to take our jobs.

Welfare recipients are bums. All they’re looking for is a hand out. They live for the stamps.

Women on welfare keep having babies because they receive more money each month.

People who stereotype others are always making false assumptions.

Assuming someone, anyone, believes a certain way, or IS a certain way, because of their age, dress, amount of education, speech, color of skin, vehicle, bumper sticker, living conditions, bank account, occupation, or any number of such things comes under the heading of “stereotyping.”

We all do it. See? Even I do.

Why? Maybe because it’s easier to know someone from a distance that way. If I already know what they’re like, I don’t have to waste time, or risk anything by trying to build a relationship with them. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, what if I’m wrong? What if my opinion based on my stereotypical understanding is 180 degrees off?

How are these types of opinions formed? Things we hear, observations we make, things we read, friends we trust; all help to define what we believe to be facts about people we see for the first time.

Did you know people have a preconceived idea, a stereotypical image, of what God is like?

“He’s old and grumpy, he hates fags (right, Westboro?), he thinks women who have abortions are monsters, and he’s just waiting for us to mess up so he can clobber us.”

“He hates tattoos, sex is taboo (unless you’re planning a family), piercings are of the devil, and so is Obama.”

“Christians are just like him. They are two-faced, self proclaimed saints. They quickly judge others but not themselves. They build big buildings, wasting millions of dollars, but won’t help a woman whose husband rapes her and beats her 5 nights a week!”


When Jesus told the Christians to, “Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to everyone”, he wasn’t telling them to go and “rack up numbers of ‘converts’” like they’re individual conquests. He wanted them to go, meet the world one by one, find out what makes them “tick”, and represent Jesus to them like he represents us to his father.

How can people (we) get close enough to help, and to be trusted to help, if they (we) judge (sorry, stereotype) from afar?

God believes in drawing near to us, us to him, and us to one another.

If I’ll drop my preconceived notions, I just may learn something, hear something; and who knows what that may lead to?


Do YOU prejudge others? Have YOU PREJUDGED God?

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One response to “Go Into All The World And…Stereotype?”

  1. Going into other peoples lives means stepping out of our comfort zones…and most of us aren’t “ready” to do that 😦 How sad…God will have His Will accomplished, and if we aren’t willing to be used, He will use someone else. Can you imagine the blessings we are missing by NOT being ready and willing….oh, and OBEDIENT? Notice that verse is not an option…it’s a command…and for those of us who know Christ and love Him, it’s a privilege to share Him with those who don’t know Him. Stereotyping and judging comes from ignorance of what we don’t know about someone…and don’t wish to know…shame on the church…shame on us…Thank you for this post ~ so very true! God Bless you, sister ❤ Dianna


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