Can something make sense if it can’t be sensed?

Is a thought private if others are thinking the same thing?

Does a word spoken in season, at just the right moment, become offensive if repeated over and over? Can you ever put too much salt on your hamburger?

Why do we tend to believe everything we agree with? Are we believing our opinions? Do opinions have substance and evidence?

If faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the conviction of things not yet seen, is there enough evidence to convict us? Can we be convinced?

Where can we go to find truth, if we never believe anyone but ourselves? Where did we learn what we know, if no one could teach us?

Is it possible to live and die and not believe in God? No. It is not possible.

It is possible to exist biologically without believing in God. But it is impossible to live and not believe in God.

It is NOT possible to die without believing in God.

Everyone will meet Him after they’ve breathed their last.

Will some people believe in God and not go to Heaven? Yes.

Believing IN God does not equal believing God. The difference?

Evidence. Conviction is evidence. “Faith is the conviction of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Conviction takes belief to the extreme. Since God exists, what can I know about him? Has he said anything about me? Is he concerned about me? Does he like the way I am living, treating others, doing my work? Is there a problem between him and I? Can I know him personally and intimately?

The believer in God says, “Who cares? I’m not sure, and nothing you say can convince me.”

The one who believes God says, “I do! I have all the evidence I need to convince me.”

Which one are you?

Are you convinced?

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