The Debate



Does the world need them? Does a “pro” ever become a “con”? Vice-versa?

How does one win a debate? How do you score a debate? Do you win points for finger pointing, and are points deducted for each time you say, “huh?”

I mean, it’s easy to tell who wins a football game. There are clearly defined rules for scoring points. Wrestling, baseball, basketball, hockey; at the end of every game there’s no doubt as to which team won.

So how does one score a debate?

I watched part of the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham this evening. I listened to each person give their opening statements; five minutes for each. But I know what I believe and why I believe it, so I decided to save my data and move on to something else.

Like write this article.

Do arguments ever settle anything? Can a person be won over to “the other side” by someone who is more articulate and has a better Power Point presentation than his opponent? If so, what does that say about the audience, the listener?

I’m really not against debates. Really, I’m not. It’s good to hear intellectual arguments for both sides, in my opinion. However, there’s something everyone must understand. After the debate is finished and both gentlemen thank each other for the fine debate, shake hands, and go their separate ways, life will continue as before. Bill Nye will believe his way and Ken Ham will stick with his. Bill will continue to tie his bow tie as before, and I imagine Ken will keep his beard trimmed as always.

The world keeps turning. And no matter if people believe in a young earth, old earth, evolution, or revolution; whether they watched the Nye/Ham debate or not, they will have to face and answer THE most important question this side of eternity:

Not as one who debates. Not as a scientist. Not as a theologian or an atheist. Not as a politician or a clown.

Not even as a moderator.

But as someone who will stand before the Creator God, the Ruler and Judge of all mankind. The One Who gave His only Son, so each and every person could have eternal life.

The question each person will have to answer, with their mind AND their heart is: “Have I been born again?”

And though it’s not a game, the final score will be obvious.

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