You want to be heard?


So, you want to be heard!! Well…

You don’t need to shout! Your voice is heard quite well.

You needn’t use profane language; your point is well taken.

Your attempt to talk over other’s responses does not give credence to your viewpoint.

Your use of five dollar words will not cause others to believe your opinion.

Quoting others who believe like you only reveals who you’re listening to. Throwing statistics at someone, even if they’re true, distracts and detracts from the issue.

Do you really want to be heard?

Here are a few thoughts which may help.

Try listening more. Can you repeat back to someone what they just said to you?

Let others have an opinion; an honest to goodness opinion. Value their right to have one. Even if they are dead wrong; they are entitled to believe what they want.

A soft answer goes a lot farther than a smart-aleck retort. And, it could keep you from having a bloody nose.

The intrinsic value of each human being does not depend upon what they believe. In fact, those who chose hell over Heaven were as valuable as the heavenly saints. They just weren’t as wise.

Treat each person you meet as the most important person you’ll meet all day.

Ask others about their hopes, dreams, family, tattoos, even beliefs. And don’t roll your eyes at them when they tell you they believe the moon is made of Swiss cheese!

Love the one you’re with. Not in the Stephen Stills kind of way; but in the Jesus Christ kind of way. People can tell if they are only a bother, or a stop-gap conversation until someone more important comes along.

With seven billion people on this planet, all wanting to be heard, sometimes one can’t fit a word in edgewise. But a little love, a little genuine interest, will go a long way.

You want to be heard? Try hearing others, first.

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