Mr. D. and the Bandwagon Believers


Once upon a time, in a land far from here, there lived a large group of people whom the Main Stream Media referred to as heretics. The people were kind hearted, always caring for the poor, the widows, and the orphans. But that didn’t matter to those in charge of the land, or the Main Stream Media.

Actually, the MSM wasn’t the evil culprit as many believed. There was another group, the Fraternity of the Unseen, or F.U.N. for short, which possessed superpowers enabling them to make people think and believe whatever FUN desired.

And they LOVED to have FUN with the MSM.

FUN hated the heretics! They had a good reason, though. Their leader, Mr. Lucky A. Devil, had ran the country for years and years. He was in charge of all the churches, local, state, and national governments; in fact, there wasn’t anything he didn’t control.

But Someone took him to task one day. Played a dirty trick on Mr. devil, is what they say. Mr. Devil, and his FUN group, had organized, mesmerized, and tantalized the religious leaders to the point no one could discern between truth and error any longer. But this young man came along, some kid named Joseph’s Son, and began to talk like He actually knew the Author of truth!

Well, Mr. Devil didn’t like that at all. It took awhile, about three years, but he finally got everyone to turn against Joseph’s Son. And in spite of all the good He had accomplished, all the truth He had shared, all the people He had healed (yes, healed), the country voted to get rid of Him.

If the truth was to be told, FUN was greatly instrumental in turning the people’s opinion. Using their superpowers they swayed people to believe the lie rather than the truth.

Then something happened old Mr. D. hadn’t considered. There was a Judge from the Highest Court who, in spite of FUN and the MSM, overturned the decision of the people. In doing so, Mr. D. found himself stripped of his authority and power. Instead, it now belonged to Joseph’s Son, Who said, “All power is given to Me in Heaven and Earth. Go in My Name!”

Now Mr. D. and his FUN group still had influence, as much as people would allow. The Son followers(SF) began like wildfire; everything and almost everyone was affected by Truth. People’s lives were changed in drastic ways as Mr. D’s influence waned.

But something’s happened over the years. Unfortunately, some of the Son followers (heretics) began to be swayed by FUN’S influence. Many SF have become tired, disillusioned, and even angry. Others have given up completely. Oh, they still talk like SF’s, but there’s no passion for Joseph’s Son.

Sure, they get in an uproar if one of their heroes gets persecuted by the evil MSM. They are real good at taking the boycott message to the world. They have a lot of money to spend on picket signs and full page newspaper advertising.

However that isn’t what The Son told them to do! That influence comes from the FUN group; ever organizing, mesmerizing, and tantalizing anyone who’ll listen.

Some are now referring to the Son followers, the heretics, as Bandwagon Believers.

You see, the Son followers have their Guy in charge, and could turn their world upside down with the Son’s message. Some are, but many are too interested in having FUN and riding the bandwagons.

It works out real nicely for Mr. D.

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