What If Santa Got Sick?


Wow! Only one week until Gift Exchange Day. Just 7 days before one of our Happy Holidays. Approximately 168 hours left before someone we all know and love takes to the friendly skies, with a cheery ho-ho-ho and sleigh full of toys.

I wonder if he ever has a bad day?

What if the red-suited guy got sick some year? What would the world do?

I suppose he could turn the reins over to the Mrs., but, really now; how would that look? And I would imagine it’s not an easy thing landing a loaded sleigh on a snow and ice covered roof!

Think about it! What WOULD the world do if Mr. Claus got sick? Does he have healthcare? Could he afford the deductible? How well do his little employees work without supervision?

These are just some questions that came to me as I sat musing about the upcoming winter break holiday. I mean, everything has to be just perfect these days. Have you noticed it, too? Holiday lights are the brightest I’ve ever seen, and the stores have been promoting this happy season since September. Holiday baking is filling every house with a wonderful, but calorie-filled aroma; guests will gain ten pounds before their coats are removed and hung in the closet!

Yes, everything must be perfect this time of year. People will spend hundreds of dollars for travel, only to see someone they never communicated with all year. But, it’s what we do for this no-named holiday that means so much to everyone.

So, again I ask you; what would happen if “the man” got sick, wrecked his rig, and couldn’t keep his end of the contract? What would become of our wonderful, white, happy holiday?

You know what? We never think about it! Our faith in the man is bigger than life. Our faith in his tradition keeps the story strong, so we just know he’ll always make his appointed rounds.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Someone else was afforded that much attention and faith?

Someone Who REALLY can keep every promise He makes, or has ever made!

If only people would quit trying to replace THE REASON for the season with anything and everything else!

Like it or not, one of these years the fat man’s gonna fail to show. One of these not-so-happy seasons all of the politically correct people will look up in the sky and see something other than a sleigh and a herd of reindeer. Instead they’ll look upon the One Who was pierced through for them. The One they’ve kicked out of society.

And then they’ll be sick!

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