Just suppose you’re out for a little exercise. You know, just a little walk around the block. You’re minding your own business, when something catches your eye.

Across the street is a burning bush. No, I’m not referring to a winged euonymus, a bush that turns bright red each fall. I’m talking about one like Moses saw; a bush on fire but not consumed.

You are curious, to say the least. You approach the bush, and as you draw near, you hear someone speak to you, calling you by name. You are reminded of Adam, using a bush to hide behind, so God couldn’t find him. Only, here’s someone acting a lot like God, hiding behind a bush, looking for you.

You finally catch your breath and ask him his name. He replies: “I AM!”

His Name is I AM.

Which literally means: “I exist, I be, I become, I come to pass.”

The Name, I AM, wasn’t only for Moses’ day and Israel’s deliverance!

He also says to you and I: “I AM what you really need Me to be!”

I AM the Guarantee for all you need!”

I AM salvation, deliverance, provision and hope.”

I AM the miraculous, restoration, comfort and grace.”

I AM the promise fulfilled, springs of refreshing, the desire of all nations, and rich to all who will call.”

I AM every good and perfect gift, your defender and confidant, and your breath of life.”

“Do you need healing? I AM your healer.”

“Do you need peace? I AM your peace.”

“Are you hungry? I AM the bread of life.”

“Are you lost? I AM the way.”

“Are you confused? I AM the truth.”

“Do you lack wisdom? I AM your wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.”

“Everywhere you go, I AM present. I AM there.”

“All you could ever become, I AM your creator.”

“What do YOU need? I AM!

You know what? After encountering I AM, you will discover life just isn’t the same without Him.

Jesus is the Father’s I AM.

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