Random Thoughts On Worship

Worship is not an art; it is an act.

It is not for display; it is for devotion.

Don’t worship the act.

The act of worship isn’t role playing; if so, it isn’t worship.

The words and music are simply vehicles used to carry the heart to the Throne of God.

When the worship setting, such as stage presence, lighting, and sound, becomes the focus then worship will not go beyond the room.

God inhabits the praises of His people. Praises from a contrite heart.

Shouts of jubilation will break down walls of bondages and addictions. But the shout must begin as a cry from the heart.

The Gadarene maniac could only be tamed by the One no one could control. Jesus!

When will we realize God has never let man put Him in a box? Oh, we think we have Him packaged just right. Until we look over our shoulder and see His back side, as He walks away from us.

Draw near to God. How? With everything we have, and all that we are. And believe me, it’s not that we have so much to give. We just need to know how bankrupt we really are without Him.

The one who knows their God shall be strong and do great things.

Worshipping God is foundational for a godly life.

The more we truly worship, the more His Spirit changes our heart.

When I minister to the Lord, He ministers to me. As I give my heart to Him, He gives His heart to me. Wow, do I ever get the best part of that deal!

How about sharing some random thoughts about worshipping God?

One response to “Random Thoughts On Worship”

  1. Amen!! I love to worship God!! But I also had visions of the creative Arts way of worshiping Him and the emotionsHe has places on my heart His Presence Completes my Everything, Dancing Shouting, being Silent, Using my flags, Banners, Tambourine,drama Skits, all of it I Love it & Belive God adores it !! Thank you I love this passage


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