It Seemed Good


Some things really seem good, know what I mean?

But have you ever made a decision based on what “seemed good” then found out it wasn’t good? I have. I would bet you have, as well.

Adam and Eve looked at the tree, listened to the serpent, and acted on what seemed good. But it was SO bad!

It seemed good to King David, when he called for Bathsheba, Uriah’s wife, to come and keep him company. But, again, it was bad.

It seemed good to Saul of Tarsus to persecute Christians; he believed he was honoring God by his actions. Good in his eyes, but bad in God’s!

Everyone has the potential to make bad choices. Even what seems good can be dangerously bad.

Unless we hear from God.

Yes, God.

To those who will commit their lives to Him, allowing Him to have the final say in the decisions they must make, He, by His Spirit, has a precious way of letting them know that what seems good, is good! Some people call it hearing from God, receiving a witness, or getting God’s green light. I simply say, “it seems good to me AND the Holy Spirit!”


“For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us…” (Acts 15:28 NLT)

God is the One Who knows what is good or bad. Good looking fruit hanging from a forbidden tree still means bad fruit. Power and authority to do as one pleases doesn’t necessarily guarantee good ideas or decisions. Passion isn’t the litmus test for whether an action is right or wrong. Someone can believe something so strongly, so passionately; but passionately bad, passionately wrong, is still not good.

For something to seem good AND BE good, we MUST find out what God thinks about it. If it seems good to Him, don’t be afraid to step out in faith.

If it doesn’t, find something else to do.

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