Gideon Yawray

20130731-144235.jpgYears ago, back in the day when men were men and boys were boys, there lived a young man named Gideon Yawray. Just a simple kid, son of a farmer, well known and well liked in their small community. Gideon’s family wasn’t very large and didn’t have a lot of influence in the area. In fact, one might be apt to overlook the whole clan but for an event that took place one day when Gideon was busy doing chores. That event was the visit from Mawlak, a special messenger employed by Yhovah.

Mawlak approached Gideon as he threshed wheat in the wine press. What a sight to behold! Gideon, standing in the middle of the press, dripping with sweat, swinging his shovel just as fast as he could. Every so often he would take a peak over the top of the press; that’s when he noticed Mawlak.

“What are you doing here?”, Gideon asked.

“I’ve come to visit with a special servant of Yhovah”, replied Mawlak.

Gideon looked around, and seeing no one else, chuckled to himself. “Oh? Where?”

“I’m looking at him.”

“Surely you jest! The only thing special about myself or my family is our size. We are puny, insignificant, and without talent or treasure. I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else.”

“No, you’re the one. And I’m to tell you this: you will lead your people, your whole family, on a special mission. You know how you’ve been bullied around by the Midyan and Amaleq families? Well, it’s time to make them stop bullying and start serving. You. This will be the day of your freedom.”

Gideon hadn’t heard talk like that since he was just a wee lad. He’d heard the stories of greatness, of conquering, of Yhovah in their midst and the outstanding, miraculous things He did. “How can this be? Do you remember who you’re talking with? I’m Gideon, just a non-important, nothing kind of kid. My family isn’t much better. And out of all the families in this nation, we are like the runt of the litter. No, wrong guy.”

But Mawlak wouldn’t back down. “I have my instructions to give you, so please, listen carefully.”

Gideon’s eyes were ready to pop out of their sockets by the time Mawlak finished. Gideon was given different, preliminary steps to take as preparation for the big day. Steps which would help him build confidence not only in himself and his leadership ability, but confidence in the anointed word of Mawlak, messenger of Yhovah.

Finally, after all preparation had been finalized, and testings ratified, Gideon gathered his group of 300 for one final meeting.

“Men, something has changed in each of our lives over the last couple of days. When we began our recruitment campaign, it seemed like we would have more than enough people to carry out this special mission; in fact, it looked as though we wouldn’t even need help from Yhovah. But, I no sooner started thinking that, when Mawlak gave word that we had too many helpers. ‘Send home the fearful, no questions asked.’ I thought I’d die! We lost so many people that day! Yet, that wasn’t enough. Soon Mawlak said, “Gideon, you need to reduce your troops a little bit more.”

“Well, here we finally are. Three hundred of us, ready to stand up to the bullies and fight for what’s ours.”

And fight they did! But not in their own strength; they fought in the strength of Yhovah. Judges, chapter 6.

Gideon, the fearful (Yawray) became Gideon, the bold (Bawtakh). All he needed to do was quit relying on the strengths of the past, strengths of the flesh, strengths of his human mind, or anything other than the Strength of Yhovah. “In the day when I cried out, You answered me, and made me bold with strength in my soul.” Psalm 138:3

Each of us have a choice: be like Gideon Yawray or Gideon Bawtakh. There are a number of reasons why we can’t defeat the bully, just ask us. But there’s one reason why we can. Yhovah. God Almighty! He is the reason we CAN.

If you live your life only remembering what God USED to do, you’ll miss out on what He WANTS TO DO – through you.

That would be a shame.

Rise up, Gideon Bawtakh!

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