Walk Like Jesus

20130720-162644.jpg“Whoever says he abides in Him ought to walk in the same way in which He walked.” (1 John 2:6 ESV)

I wonder…am I walking in the same way in which Jesus walked? Maybe I should ask myself another question; am I walking WHERE Jesus walked? Do I dare allow Him to lead me into the same situations He was led into by the Spirit of God?

Let’s see, where all did He walk?

He walked among “common” people, inviting them to a higher walk, a greater life’s calling, an opportunity to know the Living God personally. Matthew 4:18-22

He walked on water, even during stormy weather. Not only did He walk there, He invited others to join Him. Matthew 14:25-31

He walked into the territory of the demon possessed! He never went to condemn them, ridicule them, or entertain them. He went to set them free. Mark 5:1-20

He walked according to the Word of His Father, and not in conformity with the traditions of men. Mark 7:1-13

He walked into the Temple, though He knew people would try and trap Him in His words. Mark 11:27-33

He walked with people during their moments of confusion and heartache. Luke 24

He walked with those who went everywhere, preaching His Word. Mark 16:19-20

He walked on dusty roads, into the lives of filthy, poor, and broken people. He walked into the lives of people wandering aimlessly through life, like sheep without a shepherd.

He left His comfort, His glory, His riches, and His Father’s side, to walk among the dead. To walk with people who, at best, could only stumble along in their darkness.

His walk changed everything about this planet.

So, here I am, a born again child of God. And God is calling me to walk as He walked, wherever He would walk.

Maybe you disagree? The scripture doesn’t say “where”, only “the same way”. Do you mean I am to love with the same love and compassion, bring the same hope and encouragement, pointing people to the same God. Is that what you mean?

Okay. I accept what you say. However, if I don’t walk WHERE He walked, how can I give people what He gave them? If I isolate myself from the people He loves, how can I say I am walking in the same manner as Jesus walked?

All I know, really, is this. Years ago He walked into my life. He then invited me to walk with Him, in the same way He walks. And since He still walks into the lives of people who don’t have life all figured out, I guess that’s where I’ll need to walk, as well. With Him.

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