It All Begins With A Seed

20130702-233354.jpgIt all began with a seed. How long the seed was in the ground, only God knows. But it was there, just waiting for the right time, the perfect time, to make its grand appearance. Once it started to grow, there would be little to stop it.

A tightly wound, thin shaft of green pushed through the hard, dry soil, signaling new growth; new life. At least that’s what it looked like. Pretty green leaves, much like those around it. Ah, yes, it will fit just perfectly with everything else.

Soon, though, the beauty dies and you see the plant for what it is. A dandelion! A weed! A plant that can ruin the best kept lawns. In fact, a plant that can affect whole neighborhoods! By the time the plant withers, it can produce some 200 seeds; multiplying itself some 200 times. All it takes is a little wind, like someone picking it from the ground and blowing on it. Incredible!

And to think…it all began with a seed!

Our thoughts are like seeds. The things we think about, words we meditate on, dwell upon, are seeds of future beauty. Or, they can be like weeds, destroying beauty, affecting neighborhoods, families, relationships.

Seeds grow into words. All of life is affected by words. Words have the power of life and death. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” (Proverbs 18:21) Words can create friendships, heal relationships, or cause turmoil and discord. Words can affect nations, leading to war or peace.

You and I are the caretaker of our mind. We determine which seeds, or thoughts, are allowed to be planted in us. We choose which ones are allowed to stay and grow.

If you’re not crazy about the life you’re living, or if your life isn’t blessed with God’s Presence, you’d better check what you’re planting, or what you’ve allowed to grow. Maybe you need to burn out the old field and start over with good seed. Or, maybe you should pray for a “crop failure.”

Because it all begins with a seed.

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