The Tolerant One

20130509-171218.jpgTolerant: accepting pains or hardships calmly or without complaint… Synonyms: forbearing, long-suffering, stoic (or stoical), patient, uncomplaining

Which is the most “tolerant” group in our nation?

Republicans? Democrats? Conservatives? Liberals? Libertarians? Whites? Blacks? Hispanics? Citizens? Illegal aliens? Straights? Gays? Young? Old? East coast? West coast? Pro-life? Pro-choice? Farmers? Bankers?

It’s kind of hard to see how any one of these groups could have a corner on the “tolerance market”. Think hard! Is any one group more tolerant?

How about this collection of groups?

Musicians? Gamers? Athletes? Christians? Atheists? Agnostics? Pentecostals? Catholics? White collar workers? Blue collar workers? Mac users? PC users? Artists? Mathematics wizards? Rocket scientists? Ditch diggers? Management? Labor unions? Brunettes? Blondes? Redheads?

Again, does any one group stand out as “America’s Finest Tolerators”?

What about these?

Librarians? Disc Jockeys? Tattooed? Pierced? Motorcyclists? SUV owners? Hybrid car owners? Plastic bag users? Paper bag users? Fork users? Chopstick wielding diners? Estate owners? Apartment renters? The rich? The poor? The middle class? Smart phone owners? Dumb phone owners? The overweight? The underweight?

Wouldn’t you think at least one group would rise above the rest?

Movie goers? Red states? Blue states? Male? Female? Educated? Ignorant? Pet lovers? Hunters? Fishermen? Tailored suit wearers? Bib overall wearers? Loud music lovers? No music lovers? Those who prefer gas appliances? Those who will only use electric? Literate? Illiterate? Coffee drinkers? Tea drinkers?

How can we define, or determine, which group is REALLY the most tolerant?

Meat lovers? Vegetarians? Vegans? Veterans? Draft dodgers? Conscientious objectors? Gun owners? Tree cutters? Tree huggers? People who live in glass houses? Log cabin dwellers? AFC Teams? NFC Teams? Hot climate lovers? Cold climate lovers?

I think I’m beginning to see the answer. Are things becoming clearer to you?

How about these last two groups? Which is THE MOST TOLERANT group in America?

People who agree with us, or people who disagree with us?

I thought you’d say that! People who agree with us!

Over and over each group toots their own tolerant horn, trying to be heard above all the rest. “Believe my group”, some will shout. “Feel our love”, is the rallying cry of others.

Yet, while each group campaigns for their “Most Tolerant Group In The Nation” award, this nation becomes all the more divided. Why? Because there isn’t a common truth to hold us together.

What if the people of this nation started thinking about the slogan printed on our currency, “In God We Trust”? What if everyone began to:

Agree God is?
Agree God is love?
Agree God is love Who sent His Son Jesus to bring life, wholeness and true freedom to all people, all groups?

God, the Holy God, Who could not tolerate our sin, allowed His love for us to eradicate our sin by becoming sin for us. (Please review the definition of “tolerant”)

“For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.” (2 Corinthians 5:21 NLT)

Hopefully, you see, according to the way God (Who Is…) sees us, we’re in either one group or the other. We either believe and embrace the tolerance He has displayed in Christ or we don’t believe, but instead, reject His gift.

Now, what do you say? Which group…?

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