Persuaded? Think about it!


Persuade – to move by argument, entreaty, or expostulation to a belief, position, or course of action; to plead with : urge

Think about it.

Have you ever had anyone try to persuade you to believe like them, take sides with them, agree to stand with them?

You had to think about it, didn’t you? Maybe for only a moment, but a moment none-the-less.

In order for you to be persuaded, a process of thought is necessary. Within yourself. Regardless of how many others you confer with, you make the final decision whether or not you’re actually persuaded.

You may follow the crowd, the bias of society, a particular political party or pseudo-party (for all you tea-baggers out there), or whatever. You can be a follower without being persuaded.

I “follow” different Twitter accounts, but I don’t necessarily agree with them. I “follow” people when I’m driving on the road, but that’s not an indication I’m persuaded they are leading me where I want or need to go.

People “follow” while it’s convenient, easy, affordable, and popular. But when following becomes costly and unpopular, belief trumps ease. Understand this; belief is only part of being persuaded. Belief that has passed the test of argument, study of the facts, has considered the ramifications if something is truth or error…that belief morphs into “persuaded”.

Think about it.

Heaven is for people who are persuaded Jesus is the only way to eternal life! Like I said, belief tested becomes “persuaded”.

Paul said in Romans 8:38, “I am persuaded…nothing can separate me from His love.” He told Timothy, “I am persuaded He able to keep (guard) what I’ve committed to Him…” He wrote to the Corinthians, “knowing the terror of the Lord, we persuade men.” And King Agrippa responded to Paul’s testimony, “you almost persuade me…”

Abraham said to the rich man, “if people won’t believe what Moses said, they won’t be persuaded even if someone rises from the dead.”

When Abraham was told by God he would become the father of a multitude, he “hoped against hope…and was FULLY persuaded what God had promised He was able to perform.”

Life itself requires you and I to be persuaded about many things.

Think about it.

Will you do yourself a favor? Think about what you believe. Why do you believe it? Have you REALLY investigated the claims you believe to be truth? Or, are you following an idea because your peers say it’s true? Because it’s what you’ve always believed? What has persuaded you? How much research and “arguing” of the facts have you done?

Have you allowed your beliefs to be challenged, tested? Are you scared to investigate God’s claims? What are you afraid of?

Think about it. And don’t quit thinking until you are persuaded.

Fully persuaded.

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