20121208-171231.jpg My wife and I watched a special on TV the other evening. It was the group RAIN, the Beatles tribute band, on IPTV. I really enjoyed watching the group and listening to the songs. What a talented bunch of guys!

Toward the end they played the song “Imagine”. As a teen, I loved it. Before I met Jesus in 1975, I even agreed with the song’s premise. But something’s happened to my “imagination” over the last 37 years. It hasn’t become narrowed, boxed in, cramped, or anything like that. In fact, my imagination has expanded to where I can imagine a world far greater than this one. I can picture in my mind’s eye a time when a lion will lie down with a lamb. I can fathom a heaven so grand it will take eternity to explore it all. And I can dream, in living color, people from every kindred, race, and tribe surrounding the Throne of God in endless worship!

What I am still having a hard time comprehending though is the love of God. How could it be that the God of the Ages, the Creator, Father God, would love me enough to give His best for me at my worst? How could He love me without placing conditions on that love? Oh, sure, there are conditions to entering heaven, to walking with God, etc. But He loved me, and even forgave me, in and through Christ, while I was rotten to the core!

You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. There’s a great big family of dreamers in the earth and heaven. Their imagination is seeded with God’s Word. They imagine a world where all things are possible to those who believe. They dream of a place where God does exceedingly, abundantly above our imagination.

As for the love of God, I’m still working on that. But this I’ve learned; just because I can’t figure it out doesn’t make it untrue, or not as real. So in the meantime, I’ll keep on imaging, dreaming, and experiencing The One Who is beyond comprehension. I’ll thank Him for the privilege of knowing Him as much as I do, and keep searching to know Him more.

And I’ll do it for all eternity!

Imagine that.

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