“an act or instance of uniting or joining two or more things into one”

There are several aspects involved with defining the word “union”, but I think it’s really important to understand the “uniting” concept.

Usually I write about “spiritual” truths, and though this post will primarily apply to labor unions, there’s still a spiritual application to understand.

Whether with marriage, labor, or church, the concept of “uniting” to form one unit (union) out of two or more is the same. Each person that is “uniting” brings to the union all their strengths and weaknesses, answers and questions; in short, who they are and all they are. The union becomes a covenant relationship of sorts.

One major reason for uniting is support. Support FOR each one FROM each one in the union. The strengths of some support the weaknesses of others. Where one succeeds, all succeed. If one fails, it affects all in union. And though there may be personal preferences (which we all have) the success of the union takes precedence.

I have belonged to several labor unions throughout my life, I’ve been married for over 40 years, and I’ve been a Christian (in union with Christ) for 37 years. Each union requires my complete support and allegiance, otherwise the union is in jeopardy.

A few years ago while working for the Postal Service as a Station Manager, I messed up and forgot to do one of my duties. As I sat in front of my boss, answering for my actions, I was in shock by the lack of support I was getting. Finally I said, “I might as well go back to the carrier union; at least I’d get better support!”

Well, that’s where they sent me. Back to support. Back to the union.
(I really want to thank all my union brothers and sisters for their support, and for welcoming me back to their ranks.)

Being in union is more than paying dues, bills, or tithes. It is supporting one another for the benefit of the whole. So be it!

© 2012 Jan Grace

2 responses to “Union…Support”

  1. What a needed lesson to learn in the church for the benefit of all. Many times someone fails in their attempt to please God. The Bible does say that all have sinned and have (are coming) short of the glory of God. Those are the moments when we who are “spiritual” are to come along side the broken ones who “messed up” and help them back to the place of grace where they long to be in the first place. Yet, all too often it seems to be easier to throw the first stone rathar than be the fisrt hand extended to lift up the broken ones. I pray that those of us who make up what God calls the church make a renewed effort to form that “union” once more, especially with those who need another opportunity.

    I would simply add this thought, I am a friend of the one who wrote the article and I worked for the U.S. Postal Service for a short period of time myself. I worked there long enough to know that management lost a valuable asset by not giving a little support when the opportunity presented itself. Perhaps we need to think of it in those terms. It is an opportunity to show our faith in the fact that the one who began a work in each of us will finish it if we keep in the union we have with one another and with Him.

    Pastor Dave Adams


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