Are you getting hungry for Banana Pudding?


Soon, the ingredients will be removed from their place of storage. The bowls, pots, and cooking utensils will be placed on the kitchen counter. Eggs will be cracked, milk poured, bananas peeled and sliced. Stirring and pouring, stirring and cooking, pouring and chilling…ummmm

I’d like to invite you all over for dessert…

But right now it isn’t ready. The ingredients have been available but for some reason they haven’t been mixed together.

Funny thing about the ingredients: by themselves they are fine. I mean, I like bananas and vanilla wafers. Egg yolks are okay, and milk is refreshing; but vanilla extract, flour, and salt, alone, ick!

I’ve often wondered why these ingredients have been kept apart when they were made to be mixed together. The world just isn’t the same while they are apart, sitting in the cupboard or the fridge.

But something is happening in the kitchen. The Chef is moving things around in preparation for a final cooking experience; an experience I do not want to miss.

I’ll finish this story in just a bit…in the meantime, start preparing your taste buds!

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