Jesus Saw Their Faith

Luke 5:20 “Jesus saw their faith…”

What was it Jesus saw that convinced Him it was faith? Their actions; their tenacity, timing, tenderness were all tied to the word – Jesus went about doing good and healing all…

Their actions: they did what it took to help their friend. Regardless of the obstacles, their hope was tied to the Word – Jesus will heal their friend.

Jesus saw their timing – the friends knew they had to “seek the Lord while He may be found” (Isaiah 55).

Jesus saw their tenacity – nothing, not even a crowded room or a tile roof could keep them away from their answer.

Jesus saw their tenderness – the compassion they had for their friend. As they lowered the man down before Jesus He could see their only desire was to see their friend “rise, take up his bed and walk.”

When we approach the right place in the right way, Jesus will see our faith!

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