The Journey From Here to There (Part 2)

A place called “There” (or “Thaire”, as shown on the map) is a special place. But to get there it’s important to believe there really is a place called “There”. Hope. That’s what it’s called. People don’t start or continue their journey if they don’t hope for a destination. Regardless of how bad “Here” is, that’s where they’ll stay if they don’t know about “There”.

But there is a place called “There”. It’s a place in God where He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask or even think. Just setting our hopes on “There” can help us walk in the peace of God. You see, He has said “He will keep you in perfect peace, when your mind is established, focused, on Him” (Isaiah 26:3). Also, “don’t be anxious about anything but pray about everything…” (Phil. 4:6). Our thoughts and prayers will help decide the amount of God’s peace we’ll enjoy. It is also the key to beginning the journey.

Just like “he that comes to God must believe that He is…”, so to reach a place called “There” one must believe there is such a place and actively begin the trip.

He is able to get you there, if you’ll think and ask. “There” is worth the trip.

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